Responsible Brine Processing


DyVaR applications in drinking water production are typically comprised of:
- Desalinating brines for drinking water (potable)
- Salt recovery from ion exchange regeneration
- Concentrating brine effluent from drinking water processing plants
- Waste water recovery (any source)

Either small scale remote drinking water plants or large scale municipal drinking water facilities will benefit from DyVaR technology. DyVaR is applicable for one-step treatment of briny liquids to produce the highest quality of drinking water. In large scale applications with several treatment steps, DyVaR is well suited to treat IX regenerate streams or the concentration of brines streams originating from conventional water treatment systems.

DyVaR facilitates minimal brine disposal with maximum water recovery in those areas that can ill afford to waste limited water sources or face the challenge of disposal of industrial waste water. Specifically for IX, DyVaR allows full salt (specifically NaCl) recovery thus eliminating high operating cost by optimizing salt reuse.