Responsible Brine Processing

DyVaR's Innovation Award featured in several clips on YouTube

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AquatechGlobalEvents | Innovation Awards Winner: Gerard Schouten from Salttech

AquatechGlobalEvents | Aquatech Innovation Award Overall Winner: Salltech

WaterAllianceNL | Salttech, Water Alliance member, wins Aquatech Innovation Award


About Salttech BV:

Salttech is an innovative high tech company with its origin in The Netherlands operating internationally. As a member of Dutch Water Technologies Group (DWT), Salttech is rapidly expanding its reference base in various industries and municipalities all over the world. Applications include food industry, drinking water and up- and downstream process industries. All activities within the DWT Group are based on a proprietary knowledge base developed over the years for effective and responsible water treatment. Together with Salttech’s sister companies, Aqana and Biotrack within the DWT Group, key drivers in the group’s technology development program are setting new green standards for water treatment both providing technologies, as well as monitoring tools, implementing next generation technologies for today’s industries.

At the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, years of research led to development of Salttech and the other companies grouped under “Dutch Water Technologies”.